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Welcome to GetFit808. Have you heard of the latest Fitness Craze ~ SUP Yoga?  SUP stands for Stand Up Paddle.  I was first introduced to this sport after repeated shoulder injuries due to over 20 years of surfing.  My physican recommended I quit surfing and find another sport that would eliminate the repetitive overhead motions surfing requires.  Lucky for me SUP surfing had just begun.  I instantly found exactly what my doctor ordered and haven't been back to see him for any shoulder issues since.  With my aquatic background from Lifeguarding and surfing, I began incorporating yoga into my recovery process.  Having taught yoga for over 10 years, I most enjoy the fluid motions and calming effects it produces.  By combining these two favorite past-times I created a fresh, enjoyable approach to exercise that I would like to share with others.  I call it "Aloha SUP Yoga". 

Why do Yoga on a SUP board you ask?  Because both are easier to do individually but when combined it becomes much more challenging.  The SUP Board acts as your own personal floating yoga mat.  The instability of the SUP requires a higher degree of focus and internal muscular control to perform the yoga poses, therefore increasing your balance and overall performance.  Practicing yoga outside in nature is exhilarating and must be experienced on your own to appreciate.  You'll find your breath in tune with the clouds overhead and discover a heightened sense of awareness with the sights and sounds that surround you.  Ahhh, its a wonderful thing!

Come find happiness through fitness, good health, and mental clarity.

Aloha SUP Yoga
is HERE!

(808) 627-9444

Recommendations Include:

  • Wear sun protective clothing 
  • Apply sunscreen in advance 
  • Hats and sunglasses optional 
  • Surf leashes or tether required, you'll find out why... 
  • Must be able to swim incase you fall off board
  • Wider boards work better (30 inches or more)